Who’s Your Faction

The Drop Podcast – Episode 2 – Who’s Your Faction

Only 3 members of the kill team in the drop pod this time. There are two main parts to this episode of the drop pod cast. First of all we talk about our favourite 40K factions and why we like them so much. After a quick check in at the hobby desk to see what we’ve all been painting we roll on to talking about the eagarly anticipated release of 9th Edition. Russ was our man watching the stream and he tells us all about whats coming and what to look forward to.

Hope you enjoy this one.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:05 – Waynes Preferred Factions
00:06:55 – Wills Preferred Factions
00:17:50 – Russ’ Preferred Factions
00:30:30 – A visit to the hobby desk
00:45:28 – What are we looking forward to in 9th Edition

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