Constructive Criticism For Games Workshop

The Drop Podcast – Episode 4 – Constructive Criticism For Games Workshop

We are back to a full compliment of warriors for this podcast as we all embark on a journey to help games workshop be a better company with our constructive criticism. We talk through four main ideas including the embracing of technology, monopose miniatures, the new app and killing the leakers. After that Rasmus tells us all about the Paint Swap Challenge and how you can check out all the painters over on instagram.

Hope you enjoy this one.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:23 – The longest birthday
00:01:45 – Whats on our hobby desk?
00:08:16 – Constructive Criticism part 1 – embrace technology
00:23:49 – Constructive Criticism part 2 – More mulitpose models.
00:43:03 – Constructive Criticism part 3 – The new GW App
00:51:23 – Constructive Criticism part 4 – Leaker Exterminatus
00:57:03 – Paint Swap Challenge – second edition
01:04:53 – Listener Feedback (or lack there of)

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