Browsing the shelves of the Black Library

The Drop Podcast – Episode 5 – Browsing the shelves of the Black Library

In this episode we take a look at Games Workshops ‘Black Library’. We talk about the books we like and a discussion breaks out about the difficulties of crafting intresting and creative stories in a universe steaped in lore and having to respect what has come before. We also nerd out a bit hard on some of our favourites. After that we talk about the Indomitus release and how we feel it went from the company point of view and the consumer point of view.

Hope you enjoy this one.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:34 – Whats on our hobby desk?
00:03:08 – All about the Black Library
00:03:36 – Rasmus talks about Ciaphus Cain
00:09:32 – Wayne talks about The Great Work
00:14:35 – Will talks about Eisenhorn: Xenos
00:25:21 – We somehow end up talking about the ‘Ultramarines’ movie
00:29:25 – Rasmus talks about Double Eagle
00:32:17 – Wayne talks about Talons of Horus
00:38:45 – Will talks about The Devestation of Baal
00:42:59 – Listener recommendations
00:44:41 – Black Library final thoughts
00:46:55 – The Indomitus
01:06:10 – Listner correspondance

Our listners who recommended Black Library Books:

Listner correspondance:

Link Library:
Email: [email protected]