How it begun up North

Like many others, my first glimpse into the hobby came via a friend. My best friend at the time and today he’s my son’s godfather.

So I meet him quite often and tell him how he pulled me down into the swamp!

It begun when I was 11 or 12, he had started playing Ultramarines and another mate begun with Imperial Guard back in 3rd edition. I used to look at their minis when we played and was in awe. Small models that you could play with! Never heard of it before!
I still remember the feeling when I got to read his White Dwarf when we rode the school bus, reading battle reports, seeing how to paint, and just marvel at all the beautiful minis! I was hooked, but at the time I felt the price was quite steep.
They had some Dark Eldar that I borrowed a couple of games when they squared off, and I was with 10 of them very tactically placed in the middle of the board. No long games for me.

But about a year or two passed. I got to paint a mini for the IG player and saw more battles. Then the autumn the year I became 13 an opportunity arose: A kid at school had a Blood Angels-force he wanted to sell. There were loads of minis, both infantry and tanks (even Lemartes!). He wanted $70 for it, and were worth about 3 times that! I jumped on the train, even though I really wanted Eldar. Now I could play!

And we got a new mate who started to collect Chaos Space Marines, and the battles we had! Using a ping pong table and a whole weekend we divided into teams and just slaughtered each other. I improved my army, getting a Baal predator, Dante, and more units.

Then came High School. I got more hobbies, I got a girlfriend, and then another. Slowly but surely my army got forgotten. And I even got more minis! Started an Imperial Guard-force and got more plastic collecting dust.

Time went on. I graduated. I did my service as a conscript in the Swedish army. I worked as a security guard. And I met my wife. After a while we moved in together in the town where she studied (I studied in Stockholm, but had free travels to my home). I discovered an active community! So once again I got my minis out and started to paint. I used my guard force and built a heavy mechanized force that lost most games, but won a tournament and proved that a single Chimera could indeed kill off three obliterators in one shooting phase!

I remember those days as the golden years of my playing. We played by the rules (mostly), we had loads of fun, I tried other games and I never had a fully painted army!
Seriously, don’t strip your guardsmen. Make up some fluff for them being in different uniforms or don’t. Just don’t strip them. Trust me.

I had almost 3 good years there, then the time at the academy came to a close. I got my assignment and we moved down south. Still in the heat of playing, I looked for an active community, and found one! Seems great, right?
Well, yes but actually no. Around this time we had our first kid and that took loads of time, combined with me spending the week 400 kilometers from wife and kid and just seeing them on the weekends and holidays. And that was my life for 2 solid years until I requested to be assigned to another unit. It went through, but I had lost the mojo and spent quite a lot on a house.

That was 2014. In the time since then, I have dabbled and spent more money than I’ve told my wife on minis. Most are painted to a decent standard, some aren’t. I had my periods of painting, and even made a youtube channel! No, I won’t give you a link. No, it isn’t my current mini alter-ego. Good luck finding the vids (they’re still there, I’ve looked).

And that’s my journey until December of 2019. That’s when things really changed and I used a different approach. Until then I was building armies, trying to get good at painting, and at the same time building an army.
That works for a lot of people, but not me! I can’t batch-paint. If I do it’ll end with me throwing down my brushes in disgust and not touching them for 3-6 months. So I took a decision. I was done building armies and forcing myself.
Now I only painted things that I wanted to paint! And still do to this day, and I dare say my ability with the brush has somewhat increased!

That’s a little more than half a year ago, and what a journey it has been! I started my Instagram and found not just an active community but a very kind one as well! And I love being a part of it!

I’ve made some solid friends, true we haven’t met (yet) but I still value them highly! I can’t count up them all, but the three closest has to be Wayne, Will, and Russ!

And this mess, the podcast and everything else, we can blame on Wayne, but that’s another story!

My next post will be on how I tackle a project regarding modeling and painting, and I might add some pics to this one from the projects I’ve finished these last 8 months!