Lifting the lid on the Tau

The Drop Podcast – Episode 6 – Lifting the lid on the Tau

In this episode Russ does his best Alex Jones impression and tells us all about a conspiracy theory he’s got around the Tau Empire and what their greater purpose is in the galaxy. Ras and Will are not totally convinced but a good discussion happens around the Tau and the lore. After that we discuss Games Workshops pricing model and whether its too expensive or not expensive enough.

We recorded this in very hot weather so you might hear more background noise than usual as windows were open.

Hope you enjoy this one.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:16 – Whats on our hobby desk?
00:08:38 – Russ tells us all about what he thinks the end goal of the Tau empire is.
00:23:22 – Ras raises some initial scepticism
00:34:04 – Will also has some doubts
00:41:01 – Chaos and the Tau
00:54:15 – Rasmus compares prices between similarly scaled games to 40K
01:18:41 – Listener Correspondance

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