Lockdown Learnings

The Drop Podcast – Episode 8 – Lockdown Learnings

We have been locked down for over 6 months with nothing but our hobbies to entertain us. As a result we have a nice long chat about how we’ve all improved ourselves as painters and wargamers in that time. We also talk about GW and their foray into other forms of media focusing on the Eisenhorn TV series, The Necromunda video game and the Marvel Magnus Calgar comic book.

Hope you enjoy this one.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:45 – Whats on our hobby desk?
00:09:12 – The community grot project
00:13:24 – How has Will improved as a painter in the last 6 months
00:20:04 – How has Wayne improved as a painter in the last 6 months
00:29:28 – How has Russ improved as a painter in the last 6 months
00:39:55 – Wayne tells us about his Dark Angles
00:49:01 – Do we have high hopes for the Marval Magnus Calgar comic
00:57:40 – Games Workshops history of video games
01:02:32 – How do we feel about the Eisenhorn TV series

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