The Community Grot Project

Matthew Everett loves Gretchin. Specifically the 2nd Edition sculpt from the early 90’s. So much so that he has amassed a large quantity of the mono pose, yet surprisingly characterful models.

As Matthew points out in his ‘Treatise on a bucket of grots’, he really does have to explain that he literally has a bucket of grots. The reaction he tends to get includes the following 3 questions:

  1. What’s wrong with you?!
  2. How many grots is that?
  3. Why?!

The Why is simple. Fielding 3 full battalions of Grots is just plain, stupid fun. When talking to people about his bucket of grots he noticed that people had the same reaction. Matthew explains “This got me thinking – everyone loved to tell me how they’d kill them, and theory hammer is all well and good – but the number of people who dug some models out and tried was really low. Sometimes we enjoy theory hammer so much we forget to throw some dice and models at a table and have a laugh”. So the Golden Grot challenge was born. The challenge is simple: How many Grots can you kill by the end of turn 5? He has even taken the challenge online and has begun streaming the battles on Twitch.

For more information on where it all began, check out Matthew’s Treatise on a Bucket of Grots here.

Matthews aim is to be able to field 6 battalions of grots (that’s 1080 models!). Over time he’s received a great deal of support for the project and to commemorate this he wanted to get the community involved. To take part all you had to do was sponsor a grot. Matthew’s instructions were as follows:

The response from the community was incredible. In total, 200 grots have headed out to 17 different countries!!

I asked Matthew what he thought about the response from the community. “They have really responded to it in a big way, I was expecting more scepticism frankly and the community has been amazing! I was expecting about 20 initially and then suddenly it’s 200 now. The project is all about giving people a bit of the fun of the bucket”.

This project is fantastic. It promotes community building, creativity and focusses on the fun. On a personal level, this project simply speaks to me. It hits me right in the nostalgia’s with its origin deeply embedded in 2nd Edition Warhammer 40k and it reminds me of the fun I had painting and playing games as a teenager. With everything that’s happening in the world right now, community projects such as this provide a welcome respite.

Wayne, Will and I are taking part and will be featuring our contributions here.

Follow Matthew and his Community Grot Project by visiting his Instagram account here or search for the hashtag #communitygrotproject.
You can also check out his battle reports on twitch here.

From all of us at the Droppodcast, we wish Matthew and his bucket o’ grots all the best. Happy Krumpin’.