Christmas Special

The Drop Podcast – Episode 15 – Christmas Special

This episode we kick back with some festive eggnog and answer some questions from the listeners. Thanks for listening to us over the past 30 weeks! Merry Christmas

Hope you enjoy this one.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:33 – Whats on our hobby desks?
00:04:21 – What music do all the primarchs listen to
00:16:27 – What is the most expensive model you’ve bought
00:21:12 – Who is the oldest
00:22:17 – Who is the worst at maths
00:22:52 – What is your least favourite obscure holiday
00:24:06 – What is your favourite paint
00:26:03 – Which paint tastes the best
00:27:47 – Which is your least favourite 40K faction
00:31:52 – What are our favourite and least favourite non 40K sci fi settings
00:40:03 – Which character in the 40K universe best represents each member of the podcast
00:48:07 – What is the best christmas present for a grot
00:49:00 – Who would play each of you in a movie
00:54:12 – What is your most controversial take on the lore
00:57:09 – If you were all trapped on an artic expedition, and had to march to safety, who would die first and who would resort to canabalism first]
00:59:39 – Would you rather succumb to the black rage, the curse of the wulfen or abject paranoia of the inner circle
01:00:40 – Why did all the battle force boxes sell out so quickly to scalpers
01:01:55 – Do you guys ever play with eachother
01:02:42 – What is your least favourite part of nurgle
01:03:39 – When will you paint more nurgle minis
01:08:18 – Ras has to leave us
01:10:56 – What should Games Workshop do now that they are a 1 billion pound company
01:14:39 – Where do we think the lore is going to go

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