In The Pickle Jar

The Drop Podcast – In The Pickle Jar

Its our first interview of the new year we welcome Josh from the Pickle Jar, youtuber, streamer and all round lovely guy. After interviewing Josh

Hope you enjoy this one.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:23 – Whats on our hobby desks
00:05:09 – How did Josh get into the hobby?
00:07:17 – Whats the hobby scene like where Josh lives?
00:08:43 – What motivated Josh to start youtube?
00:13:21 – What are some of the standout moments for Josh on youtube?
00:16:44 – What drew you to Salamanders?
00:19:24 – What is your favourite part of the hobby?
00:23:58 – Where do you see the hobby taking you in the next few years
00:28:53 – Who are your hobby heros?
00:35:14 – How many points of Salamanders have you got?
00:38:05 – How do you decide what your videos are going to be about?
00:42:33 – Do Streaming and Youtube scratch your hobby itch?
00:47:43 – How long did it take you to learn your equipment?
00:53:12 – Hobbying during lockdown
01:14:02 – Russ’s Rants

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