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The Drop Podcast – Cold Open Stories

In this episode we welcome Colyn from Cold Open Stories to tell us about fan fiction in the 40k universe. He tells us about the audio dramas he produces as well as the various writing competitions that are going on. After that we look at the latest stuffs from Gdubs.

Hope you enjoy this one.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:54 – Whats on our hobby desks
00:05:53 – Introducing stories to your tabletop games
00:14:49 – What is motivating your character?
00:18:45 – How did Cold Open Stories come to be?
00:27:03 – Fan Fiction has a bad reputation
00:29:30 – How do voice actors get selected for audio dramas?
00:35:12 – Recording and producing audio soundscapes
00:45:44 – Contest Participation and the Cold Open Stories Community
00:51:17 – Where should you start with cold open stories?
00:58:20 – How do you experiment with different things in your audio dramas
01:01:56 – Are Games Workshop watering down their product?
01:15:47 – Russ’s Rant: Kill Team
01:24:27 – Trying to end on a positive

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Cold Open Stories

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