Agonising over Druhkari

The Drop Podcast – Agonising over Druhkari

Out of the warp storms where he has been lost for the past six months comes the ying to Russ’ yang. Rasmus returns to the podcast to talk all things Drukhari and to talk about what our favourite parts of the hobby are

Hope you enjoy this one.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:41 – Whats on our hobby desks
00:09:08 – What do we think of the Druhkari
00:15:52 – An argument starts to brew
00:24:33 – Wayne doesn’t know where Rasmus is going
00:29:33 – Do the Drukhari look too much like the Aldari
00:32:50 – Are those sails? Get rid of them!
00:44:24 – Don’t tell Wayne about the payment options
00:47:39 – Rasmus pulls rank and pivots the show onto its second topic
00:51:17 – How i love thee hobby, let me count the ways
00:59:40 – The gammet of 40K Hobby activities is vast

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