Happy Birthday Drop Pod Cast

Title: The Drop Podcast – Happy Birthday Drop Pod Cast

Description: Its our one year anniversary show, and we’re taking a massive trip down memory lane, talking about what the last year of podcasting has entailed. We also have a contribution montage from our community.

Hope you enjoy this one.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:49 – Whats has been the best thing you’ve painted since we started the podcast
00:05:40 – Did you think that we’d manage to podcast for a whole year?
00:09:15 – What have we learned from podcasting for a year
00:16:25 – Warhammer Live is cringe
00:21:28 – What have been our favourite shows?
00:30:08 – We revisit the question we asked in the first show
00:31:54 – This is the worst 40K dad joke you’ll ever hear
00:32:48 – What has been our favourite Russ’s Rant
00:36:22 – Where are we taking this podcast in the future
00:44:13 – Belated Hobby Roundup
00:47:21 – Drop Pod Community Project
01:02:03 – We apologies for not hobbying properly

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