Filthy Filthy Casuals

Title: The Drop Podcast – Filthy Filthy Casuals

Description: In this episode we welcome Will Secundus to the podcast. Will is a very casual fan of the 40K universe and we thought i’d be intresting to get an outsiders perspective on the hobby.

Hope you enjoy this one.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:02:41 – Whats on your hobby desk
00:07:10 – How much does Will Secundus know about 40K
00:12:44 – Being a nerd tourist.
00:18:04 – Lets talk about Astartes
00:22:23 – Why is Astartes off youtube?
00:32:00 – What big name have Warhammer+ teamed up with?
00:40:15 – Love, Death and Warhammer
00:50:52 – Are there any minatures which would entice will to pick up a paintbrush

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