Whats the opposite of Grimdark?

Title: The Drop Podcast – Whats the opposite of Grimdark?

Description: We welcome one of our hobby heros to the podcast. Emma Svensson, painter of the brightest, most pop art looking miniatures. We speak to Emma about her painting process, what she enjoys painting and what inspires her.

Hope you enjoy this one.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:40 – Whats on your hobby desk?
00:05:49 – What drew emma to painting such bright colours in the first place?
00:07:51 – Why did Emma choose to use cross hatching as a highlight and shadow technique.
00:10:03 – Does Emma exclusively use contrast paints
00:13:06 – Would Emmas style work on any miniature
00:16:37 – What is Emmas strategy for choosing the colours she paints on her minis
00:21:52 – Why did Emma choose the armies she playes?
00:25:35 – Could Emmas painting style work with more muted colours?
00:32:27 – Ras has a fanboi moment
00:35:09 – Then he wants us to cut this bit
00:37:37 – Talking paint brushes
00:50:11 – Has anyone tried the new citadel brushes?
00:58:30 – I suppose we should really talk about warhammer plus

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