2020 has been a pretty terrible year. The COVID-19 pandemic that swept the globe has affected all of us and will continue to do so for many years to come.

The lockdown period, placed upon us by our respective governments, presented an opportunity for many of us to take our minds off of what was going on in the world. However, as miniature wargaming is a very social hobby, the isolation has proven to have a negative effect.

A discord server was created during this period for hobbyists to get together remotely so that we could hobby together and it became a sort of support group. We had such a good time in fact that one of us brought up that it could be cool to record our conversations. And with that, the Droppodcast was born.

We have a lot of fun recording and we hope that comes across. We want to make our listeners feel connected with likeminded people.

If we can reach just one person and make them feel a little less isolated, either in the hobby or the world, then we’ll feel we’ve succeeded.

Stay safe, be kind and look out for each other.
The Droppodcast Team