Paint swap challenge

Paint swap challenge was started by non other than our very own Rasmus as a way to give people an ‘in’ to allowing themselves to try something different with their mini painting.

Now becoming something of a regular event with its own hashtag on Instagram and growing participant base. Paintswapchallenge is an way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and let loose with fresh ideas, colours, and techniques with a bunch of other hobbyists.

The premise is simple. Each person that wants to take part is paired up with a partner. Once everyone is ready to go your partner chooses two colours for you and those are the colours you use on your mini! You can also use black and white of course. Now it’s totally up to you (or maybe let your partner decide for added excitement) how strict things are going to be. The idea though whatever is chosen though is to have fun and get out of that comfort zone!!

Sound interesting?! Well if you found our podcast there is a good chance you are! This time around a lot of entrants have written a little backstory to give context to their models. Check out all of the amazing work using the Paintswapchallenge hashtag on Instagram and check out a check out some of the work by the Droppod team on these pages.

Check out the Droppod team and some of the community paint swap challenges