Co Hosts

Wayne Hanley – Evil genius?

A geek, a nerd, and a damn proud Yorkshire man. Back in the hobby groove after a while away. Killteam is the game of choice when I play but most of my hobby time is spent on painting and modeling projects and seemingly co-hosting a podcast with some awesome friends. Outside of the hobby I work in tech and do stuff with things. Science is my god but I think the emperor might be one, just so you know!

Rasmus – He’s got a huge gun

Viking in a literal tank (no, really he drives them for a job)… Not a space wolf player. He’s got a mighty beard and sounds like he’s going to pillage you right good and proper. Really likes to paint white, like a lot!

Will – Possible serial killer

The newest member of the team to get into the hobby but he’s gone deep fast. Whether is be 40k or AoS he’s leveling up day by day. Quiet until you get to know him… then still quiet. The kind who looks sweet but he might just kill you in your sleep sort of quiet. Possible Vindicar assassin?

Russ – Triggered at birth

Things trigger him? What things? Everything!! You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Lucky for us we do but we’ve never seen him not angry so you know! Russ enables us all to stay in the hobby with ceaseless encouragement to spend our mortgage money on plastic crack. In the possible employ of GW?